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G, e.g., but not HG, F and CG, maybe G, musically G-man G-man or T-man G-man's org. G-men's weapons G-rated G-rated oath G-sharp equivalent G. Glares Glaringly obvious Glasgow denials Glasgow gal Glasgow garb Glasgow landowners Glasgow native Glasgow negations Glasgow negatives Glasgow refusal Glasgow residents Glasgow’s river Glasgow's river Glass — one about to smash? Guy with an Irish Rose Guy with craft said why the car's broken down Guy with his nose always Guy ___ (Garrison Keillor Guy's buddy Guy's companion Guy's date Guy's girl Guy's guy Guy's honey Guy's means of support Guy's partner Guy's partner overcomes resistance with bunch of flowers Guy's prom rental Guy's square-dance partne Guy, for one, saves time Guy, perhaps burglar, opening houses Guys Guys in promotion Guys who make people look Guys who use come-on line Guys' chat topic Guys' dates Guys' mates Guys' pals Guys' partners Guys' prom attire, inform Guys, slangily Guzzle Guzzle wine in the van like white trash Guzzled Gwen in "Damn Yankees"Gwen of the original "Chi Gwen Verdon sang it in 19Gwen who sang "Don't Spea Gwen ___, Spider-Man's fi Gwendolyn Brooks and Nanc Gwendolyn Brooks, e.g. Glandular organ Glandular organ of the stomach Glandular prefix Glare Glare blocker Glare, vile yet arresting? Guy Lombardo hit of 1937 Guy Lombardo's "___ Lonel Guy making passes Guy nicks books left in temporary accommodation Guy ready to sing the nat Guy seen in funny shorts Guy stumped the day before Guy who digs fossils, sla Guy who wrote "Guys and DGuy with a cool job? Girl hiding stolen garment Girl honouring Norse god nevertheless supported by Egyptian god Girl ignoring lawyer's letter Girl in "The Gondoliers"Girl in "Waterworld"Girl in a "Paint Your Wag Girl in a #1 Everly Broth Girl in a Beach Boys song Girl in a Beatles song Girl in a children's stor Girl in a gown Girl in a Willa Cather ti Girl in Eliot's "Romola"Girl in form is sixteen Girl in Lou Bega's "Mambo Girl in New York taking speed Girl in Tennessee William Girl in the family Girl in the morning leaving the USGirl inducted by frantic bacchante Girl is into history, an expert on Greece Girl is keen on embracing King after one moves away Girl is turning over to get brown Girl is upset when stationed in horrible little place Girl keeping dull church observances towards the end Girl keeping record in warehouse Girl lead-in Girl making the French angry, getting knocked over Girl needing lightweight trumpet Girl next door, perhaps, sporting boring hue Girl nonetheless consumed 19 for example Girl nonetheless much reduced Girl of a 1925 Broadway h Girl of a skeletal nature, really empty inside Girl of barbershop quarte Girl of old comics Girl of Oz Girl of song Girl on instrument having forsaken piano for one that's blown Girl on mountain top to give less than a completely accurate account Girl on track in Irish city Girl one met at a party Girl or boy lead-in Girl puts one over teacher being sent up Girl quiet in the morning Girl remains with diner - that'll warm things up Girl rescued by Don Juan Girl returning unfinished sandwiches with dip Girl riddled with the French disease Girl Scout symbol Girl Scouts founder Low Girl seen in mirror, topless Girl sent crazy by LSD in the ’60s Girl showing cheek by lifting short short skirt Girl somewhat enthralled by most of rapprochement Girl somewhere around middle of year meeting Australian Girl stifling expression of annoyance over accidents Girl takes in information for programme Girl taking on hairdressing business Girl taking pot with old hack Girl taking top off is a fool Girl that's after revolutionary British futon? Girl gets merchandise inadvertently Girl gets on about noon Girl group with the 1986 Girl has half an hour in a state Girl has old 5d coin that's the same on both sides Girl having a field day Girl having nibble from cake in a story Girl held up by minders, those employed to look after her? Girls in gowns Girls in the family Girls run in underwear Girls who love books? Girly artist with sunny exterior Girly girls' opposites Girolamo ___, Italian mat Gist Gists Git Git into a rough-and-tumb Gitmo mil. Girl with one sign for scientist Girl with the dog Spot Girl working in a beauty parlour Girl writing Guardian article Girl’s name Girl’s name (I, not Y)Girl’s name; colour Girl’s short rope with noose Girl’s son that is going round America Girl's back to oriental island Girl's brought over something to get you going! Girl's lines added to exercise put down wrongly Girl's name Girl's name (or a hint to Girl's name - colour Girl's name - I care Girl's name - Nancy's region Girl's name - song thrush Girl's name ending Girl's name from Greek fo Girl's name in a 1990 Bil Girl's name meaning "born Girl's name meaning "happ Girl's name meaning "love Girl's name meaning "mess Girl's name meaning "nigh Girl's name spelled out i Girl's name that means "s Girl's name that means "t Girl's name that's a butt Girl's name that's Latin Girl's or French man's clothes Girl's pottery beginning to sell unexpectedly Girl's secluded spot in church Girl's stay cut by a couple of seconds Girl's tip for recorder Girl, 14Girl, a climber Girl, English, posh, lovely Girl, gutted, feels down at the end of unfortunate dance step Girl, in Aussie slang Girl, informally Girl, lively, not very English Girl, nervous but attractive Girl, not quite eight, reportedly in charge Girl, pagan at heart, that’s last to go Girl, quiet rather than loud, dances Girl, star at last in Crazy Lady for about four weeks Girl-watch Girl-watch or boy-watch Girl-watch, e.g. Girl: she's displaying cricket trophy Girlfriend or boyfriend Girlfriend, in Granada Girlfriends, in Guatemala Girlie magazine's "ultimate pair" shot in underwear Girlie man Girlish Girlish accessory Girlish boy Girlish laugh Girls Girls Aloud drink Girls at the playground?

Give the umpire grief Give the ___ (pick)Give the ___-over Give thumbs down Give to charity Give top honors in New Je Give two fives for ___Give university lecturer freshly made tea Give unwanted advice Give up Give up - give way Give up a job Give up and give in Give up being ridiculously idle after years Give up bird food, so to speak Give up excitement Give up for a while Give up on d Give up on, in slang Give up power and become less intense, keeping daughter in charge Give up smuggled goods? Guard gives a warning Guard of myth Guard second way in Guard software tool Guard talent manager confused by address to female Guard’s military hideout? " on Fac Gives a bit Gives a clarion call Gives a drenching to drunkards Gives a false alarm Gives a good whuppin'Gives a hand Gives a heady answer? Gives a hoot Gives a leg up Gives a lift Gives a little Gives a little, say Gives a number to Gives a passing acknowled Gives a piece Gives a protective cover Gives a rap Gives a shot in the arm Gives a speech Gives a spritz, perhaps Gives a stage cue Gives a thrashing Gives a thumbs-up Gives a yegg a hand Gives a yellow flag Gives advance warming Gives an audience to Gives and takes Gives as one's share Gives away Gives birth to a kid Gives cause for optimism Gives deep massage therap Gives everything away Gives evidence at trials Gives for a time Gives for a while Gives forth Gives freshman introducti Gives ground to favourites coming out of trap Gives help Gives hope to Gives immunity to Gives impromptu scathing Gives in Gives in (to)Gives in return Gives in to gravity Gives last rites to, e.g. Guidance system at sea Guide Guide and protector Guide English class absorbing chapter Guide feature? Gun part Gun produced by Israel Mi Gun rights group (abbr.)Gun rights grp. Gunners and others gutted, reflecting rise to new heights? Given the boot Given the chop Given the go-ahead Given the heave-ho Given the nod Given the sack with enthusiasm Given time, a small work becomes a major one Given time, American golfer makes a comeback - it's a struggle Given to blushing Given to burrowing, maybe Given to excessive consumption of alcohol Given to forcefully Given to gab Given to gabbing Given to glad-handing Given to lying Given to showy affectatio Given to snorting, say Given to touching Given up Given; allowed Given; plastered Giver (or receiver) of al Giver of compliments Giver of relief Giver's opposite Giverny summers Givers and receivers of a Givers of unfriendly hugs Gives Gives 10 percent to the c Gives 32 to Anglicans wearing 31s Gives a "Yoo-hoo! Guest-room furniture Guests Guests at a Hatfield/Mc Co Guests beginning to get drunk and intimate Guests may do it Guests who jabber incessa Guevara portrayer Guff Guffaw Guffaw syllable Guffawed Guggenheim alternative in Guggenheim display Guggenheim sculptor Guidance on washing machine use, perhaps for mum! Gun's recoil Gun, as an engine Gun, for one Gun, slangily Gun, to Guillermo Gun-cleaning aid Gun-shy Gun-toting gal Gun-___ (like Yosemite Sa Gund Arena hoopsters Gunfight command Gunfire Gunfire sound Gung-ho Gung-ho (on)Gung-ho about Gung-ho feeling Gung-ho quality Gunga Din poet Gunk Gunks Gunlike device Gunmen discover competitive lifestyle Gunmetal Gunn of "Treasure Island"Gunner Gunner's grp. Give the business Give the cold shoulder Give the cook a break, ma Give the coup de gr Give the evil eye to Give the eye Give the flavor of Give the gas Give the giggles Give the go-ahead Give the green light Give the heave-ho Give the look to Give the nod Give the O. Give the once-over Give the slip Give the slip to Give the third degree Give the twice-over? Guaranteed Guaranteed to get Guaranteed to happen Guaranteed to make teacher look silly about oxygen Guaranteed to succeed Guaranteed to work Guaranteeing Guarantees Guarantees that mean noth Guarantor of many bank lo Guard Guard against drifting Guard dog's greeting Guard dog, e.g. Give one international a disadvantage Give one's address Give one's mark again, upsetting 22DGive one's sanction to Give one's word Give one-on-one help Give or take Give orders like a drill Give out Give out (a task)Give out a variety of seeds in Palau's capital Give out American magazine in revolution Give out cards Give out overtime Give out street aid around shelters, retrospectively Give over Give paid work to Give pain Give painting a break, then resume Give permission Give players a hand Give power to Give praise Give precise change, but without right coins Give preferential treatment to student lacking in quality Give quarters to Give relief Give relief to a thief Give retrospective validity to second appointment Give rise to Give sanction to Give shades to in advance Give shelter, perhaps Give solace to Give some bottles a rinse - there's poison there Give some relief Give some to Give some zing Give someone false expectations Give stars to Give stars to, perhaps Give summary of unfashionable policy Give temporarily Give the ax Give the boot Give the boot to Give the Bronx cheer Give the brush-off? Guarantee Guarantee - belief in oneself Guarantee fellow's kept in order Guarantee severe criticism having skipped college Guarantee source of criticism is hidden Guarantee that’s equally reliable Guarantee time off?

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Girl with a gun, in an Ae Girl with a looking-glass Girl with blue eyes and a Girl with considerable pu Girl with hope offering father a piano in total? Girl's getting over object of adulation Girl's holiday party dres Girl's large - you see why in audition Girl's letter giving the brush off?

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  1. I often wonder what the artists think of these dissections. I was 10 years old and listened to nothing but AM top 40 radio when I first heard this song in 1975, I hated it, but it soon became one of the "top 3 at Ten PM' for about 3 weeks, and by time that was Over, I was looking at music like I never had before, not just to hum along, but to appreciate the lyrics and the imagination of the creators...37 years later I still find something new in this song everytime I listen to it...100 years from now people will look at classic rock the way we now look at Classical music of the late 19th century, and one of the centerpieces will be Bohemian Rhapsody. even though Freddie claimed it was all "nonsense", he was a very modest person.