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To be bigger than men is to worry that you'll turn them off.

Only four percent of heterosexual couples feature a shorter man.

With all the outbursts, crying jags and everything else that those women go through, they could probably use the psychological stylings of Mc Cord.

In order to pay some of her bills, Octomom did a semi-nude photo shoot for Closer magazine.

To counteract the massive wave of imported cheap Chinese labor (“coolies”), Asian men were subject to a series of targeted laws that systematically stripped them of rights that signified manhood, such as property ownership, job opportunities and the ability to marry freely.

But while women say they have a "type"—they love bearded gingers or get off on guys in glasses—they don't filter out man who doesn't meet those specific physical criteria.

We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA) which was set up to ensure high standards of behaviour by dating service providers serving the UK.

just can’t accept that his relationship with Tiny is a two way street.

It’s tired — so tired, in fact, that its origins can be traced all the way to the mid-1800s.Now, in order for you, a shorter man*, to circumvent this bullshit and convince wonderful taller women to date you, you have to understand why women feel this way.Let me explain., Amy Webb's memoir about online dating, she confesses she felt she needed a man who was at least five-ten.Mammals and birds, and other animals have to win the attention of a possible mate.They make the following objections, which I have described in a previous post and in a somewhat different context: Meeting strangers is potentially dangerous.

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