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And a lot of people in their neighbourhood knew little Bobby Stevenson, a precocious hockey talent on the ice or on Rollerblades.

He was released on ,000 bail and skipped it a few weeks later, landing in El Segundo, Calif.

By Gare Joyce in Ottawa | Photographs by Raina Wilson The team gave Bobby Ryan Mondays off.

His teammates didn’t resent what looked like a free pass, because they knew it wasn’t.

After an on-camera fling, the pair spent years making up and breaking up.

Partners on Exes 2, they weren't together at the time of his death - one source says he was "really happy" with 21-year-old college student - but were still tight.

He couldn’t have known that life wasn’t going to be the same after that night.

For the next two hours, he would be asked to bare his soul, dig out shallowly buried memories and spill out a story that was hard to believe, and harder to survive.

“They were serious, so I only had to be told once,” Bobby says.

They had their suspicions, thinking that he seemed a lot like a kid from Philly whom they’d seen in national tournaments, though no one pushed it, simply because they wanted to protect Bobby.

Given the risks he was taking, it was fitting that Shane Ryan supported his family as a professional gambler.

passport, it’s not the name on his birth certificate.

They were the Stevensons: Bob, who worked in the insurance business, his wife, Melody, and their son, Bobby.

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