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I don't know what kind of conclusive proof one wants except this is the closest relationship for years that Whitney had.'They shared a house together; they often shared the same bed.I think the most important thing is that it was the most productive, supportive and creative relationship that she had for probably 15 years.'In the movie Ellin states her belief that Whitney was bisexual, having feelings for both Robyn and her husband Bobby Brown.

In the film, directed by Angela Bassett, a jealous Robyn fights to protect Whitney (Yaya Da Costa) from Bobby Brown and also intimately comforts the superstar before she hits the stage. EXCLUSIVE: Yaya Da Costa Channels Whitney Houston In the Studio"I can’t tell you," Bassett says.It sees Ellin Lavar, who dressed the singer, and her security guard, Kevin Ammons, confess that Whitney was bisexual and in love with her assistant.After Whitney died in 2012, her notorious ex-husband Bobby Brown said she might still be alive if she was allowed to be open about her sexuality.In a documentary about her life, those closest to Whitney say she was in a relationship with Robyn Crawford, 56, the woman who spent 20 years by her side working for her.Whitney: Can I Be Me examines the highs and lows of her glittering career, while discussing who might be responsible for her tragic downfall and the drug habit that would go on to kill her.

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Now, whatever else you wanna read or tell or say--it's good, it's bad-- it’s what you put on it."FLASHBACK: Watch a Very Shy Whitney Houston in Her First ET Interview In a 2000 cover story, Whitney herself also addressed the rumors."I suppose it comes from knowing people…who are," she speculated.

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