Lawyers hudson in law angered by wifes dating

Another kind driver from another company took me to Budget. Had to wait 20-30 minutes and the man who waited on me was nice.

This was a Saturday morning and I was driving around 200 miles to Decatur Illinois.

They do not care about their customers and every aspect of dealing with them seems fraudulent.

I keep reading now all the same complaints about this company and their poor ratings. Reply Rented a car in October from the Budget at the Pittsburgh Airport.

Then she said I would have to pay for an extra day because she didn’t find the keys until the afternoon.

She even told me others had made the same mistake in the past.

Sunday morning I took the car to the airport and dropped the key in a slot on top of the desk which I assumed was for the key. The drop box was on the other side of a file which holds budget pamplets.

I contacted Budget Customer Service and left a message for the manager on duty (who never returned my call).

After having an asthma attack and a continuous migraine for several days that ruined my trip, I returned the car early after calling Budget Customer Service and advising them I was going to do so.

If I was the CEO I would be doing some investigation into the organization.

Two weeks ago I flew in from Beijing and had rented a car over the internet a few days in advance.

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