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ATMs are becoming common at Ulaanbaatar hotels, major banks, some restaurants, and supermarkets.Hotels and banks provide official currency exchange, and exchanging relatively small amounts of major foreign currencies in Ulaanbaatar is quite easy.

The police report that there are no known organized criminal groups/gangs operating in Mongolia.Transportation-Safety Situation Road Safety and Road Conditions Driving in Ulaanbaatar is hectic and dangerous.The annual increase in the number of motor vehicles far exceeds the pace at which new, improved roads are brought into service; this has given Ulaanbaatar some of the worst traffic jams in the world.Mongolia may be the only country in the world that has a high proportion of right-side-drive motor vehicles navigating uniformly right-lane-drive roadways, which leads to a very high incidence of head-on collisions on high-speed, two-lane roadways outside congested Ulaanbaatar.A recurring trend involves the driver of a right-side-drive vehicle attempting to pass a slower-moving vehicle.

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