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In a federation, separation of powers hamstrings coordination of accountability oversight at all levels of governance.In order to overcome this, the federal government should design mechanisms for performance review and be prepared to name offenders.The current attitude towards politics and public political office overly favors distributional politics rather than merit and competence.The fundamental message is that Nigeria must fix her politics for her economics to be right.Whether the government succeeds in removing the oil subsidy or not, it has to contend with post-crisis management and the style of leadership it entails.This crisis has, therefore, presented both a challenge and an opportunity.The way ministers and commissioners at the state level are chosen and allocated portfolios illustrate this more clearly.If there is a plan and strategy, then only certain people with certain skills and aptitudes would be fit to execute the plan.

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A simple review of budget performance and public expenditures in some states and local governments would reveal significant deviations of actual expenditures from the proposed budgets, year after year, in magnitudes that would shock anyone and make mockery of the budgetary process.

Further evidence of corruption can be gleaned from the number of former governors that are facing serious corrupt charges once out of office when their constitutionally guaranteed immunity from prosecution is lifted.

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Key Lessons In conclusion, the crisis following the removal of oil subsidy in Nigeria is an assertion of citizens’ rights and an agitation for broader governance reforms targeted at addressing corruption and public sector inefficiency.

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