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In the years before the American Revolution, the female slave population grew mainly as a result of natural increase and not importation."Once slaveholders realized that the reproductive function of the female slave could yield a profit, the manipulation of procreative sexual relations became an integral part of the sexual exploitation of female slaves." Many slave women raised their children without much assistance from males.Masters usually hired these women out to the military, sometimes hiring out their children as well." Enslaved women could also be found working in the shops, homes, fields, and plantations of every American colony.It is estimated that by 1770, there were more than 47,000 enslaved blacks in the northern colonies, almost 20,000 of them in New York.

South Carolina alone had over 75,000 slaves, and by 1770 planters there were importing 4,000 Africans a year.The southern colonies were majorly agrarian societies and enslaved women provided labor in the fields, planting and doing chores, but mostly in the domestic sphere, nursing, taking care of children, cooking, laundering, etc. This portrait of Ann Arnold was the first individual portrait of a black woman in North America.Ann Arnold was the wet nurse of a child whose parents were born in the English isle of Jersey. Historian Ira Berlin distinguished between "slave societies" and "societies with slaves." New England was considered to be a society with slaves, dependent on maritime trade and diversified agriculture, in contrast to the slave societies of the south, which were "socially, economically, and politically dependent on slave labor, had a large enslaved population, and allowed masters extensive power over their slaves unchecked by the law." Enslaved women in New England had greater opportunity to seek freedom than in other regions because of "the New England legal system, the frequency of manumission by owners, and chances for hiring out, especially among enslaved men, who seized the opportunity to earn enough money to purchase a wife and children." Enslaved women largely occupied traditional "women's work" roles and were often hired out by the day.The institution of slavery in North America existed from the earliest years of the colonial period until 1865 when the Thirteenth Amendment permanently abolished slavery throughout the entire United States.It was also abolished among the sovereign Indian tribes in Indian Territory by new peace treaties which the US required after the war.

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