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The quality is quite decent and both men and women are extremely friendly to foreigners, so if you go alone it shouldn't be hard to make insta-friends.I almost always have a good time here, but there's a huge problem: roughly the same 300 people go every weekend.Everyone knows everyone and soon you will run out of targets to approach simply because new girls know the old girls you already tried to mack on.This club is either good for a napalm weekend attack where you approach everything in sight or just as a social hour where you run into your friends and drink tasty white Russian cocktails. Upstairs is a different cafe/club that sometimes has a dense crowd.- The best way to describe this club is a big, loud, ugly room. I met her through a guy and his girlfriend, Girl D.I didn't like it all, even though I suspect girls are more receptive than at Studio. Night 3: Ran into Girl A at the club, found out she is with Girl B. Night 5: I ran into Girl D, and find out she is close friends with Girl B. Located in Siberia, it has a population of 500,000, though it feels much smaller than European cities of the same population size. Even Friday could be dead sometimes, though he came during the summer when school was out of session. Girls are not as snobby as you would think, but they aren't exactly looking for a passionate affair with a traveling foreigner. Unlike slubu, I did not notice crowds during the week.

Overall, I did mediocre in Tomsk's night scene because of a combination of four reasons: -Unconvincing backstory which did not convince girls of my permanence (I tried a few different ones, but no "businessman" or "writer" has to live in Tomsk) -Average Russian ability -Lack of deep social network or status -Inability to find English groupies or sluts who just wanted to get laid Tomsk is one of the few places where night game was actually better than day game.

It's good to go with your friends and then try to meet other girls by inviting them to your table for a drink. This site has some information on clubs/bars/restaurants: The girls who go out at night are quite pretty, but connecting is tough because of the "big village" vibe that you will encounter if you stay more than a weekend. There is usually 1 or 2 degrees of separation between people.

Here's a good example: Night 1: I approached Girl A at Studio 46. If you're going to live here, your approaches should be targeted.

Early in your approach you can just ask if she's waiting for anyone.

There are always a lot of girls on Lenina, the city's main street, but it's quite loud.

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I was received well, and most girls went out of their way to go for insta-date walks, but most numbers didn't convert to dates.

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