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Was that because you're doing these kind of different movements in the machine that wasn't necessarily designed for that? I don't have the genetics to come close to that, but once you can start appreciating yourself, I think that's when you start getting more drive. You could be really stoked on what you're gonna do. You're not even gonna try, like you need to scrap that because what's really cool about every single person is, you will never look like me, I'm never gonna look like you, we're all never gonna look like each other.

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To try and protect each other from the growing vampire climate of the Windy City, six relative strangers have all gathered in a basement bunker of an old abandoned shirtwaist factory.

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There's less incentive to put energy into personalizing each message, since it can get lost in the noise.

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There are some other compelling reasons for why older women are more attractive to younger guys.