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Open DS/Open DJ replication does conflict resolution at the entry and attribute level.

Open DS/Open DJ replication can be used over a Wide Area Network.

There is also an external project, Galera Cluster created by codership, that provides true multi-master capability, based on a fork of the Inno DB storage engine and custom replication plug-ins.

Replication is synchronous, so no conflict is possible.

Apache Couch DB uses a simple, HTTP-based multi-master replication system built from its use of an append only data-store and use of Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) Each document contains a (revision ID), so every record stores the evolutionary timeline of all previous revision IDs leading up to itself—which provides the foundation of Couch DB's MVCC system.Additionally, it keeps a by-sequence index for the entire database."The replication process only copies the last revision of a document, so all previous revisions that were only on the source database are not copied to the destination database." values swapped.e Xtreme DB Cluster is the clustering sub-system for Mc Object's e Xtreme DB embedded database product family.It maintains database consistency across multiple hardware nodes by replicating transactions in a synchronous manner (two-phase commit).

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