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Buy The Shock of the Fall here THE LIE BY HELEN DUNMORE (Hutchinson, 304pp) Helen Dunmore's ambitious tale wavers between ghost story and a study of war trauma. Buy The Lie here • How to write a dystopian YA novel in 10 easy steps EVERY DAY IS FOR THE THIEF BY TEJU COLE (Faber, 176pp) An enjoyably unsentimental journey into the chaotic streets of Lagos, Nigeria.

Read the Telegraph's review of Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole.

Buy Living With a Wild God here UPDIKE BY ADAM BEGLEY (Harper, 576pp) Begley's biography shows just how closely and relentlessly Updike mined his own life for fiction. Buy Updike here ELEANOR MARX: A LIFE BY RACHEL HOLMES (Bloomsbury, 508pp) The story of this remarkable life is so well told, with a rare combination of pace, verve and scholarship, that the reader is soon a daily visitor to the Marx household.

Read the Telegraph's review of Eleanor Marx: A Life.

Read the Telegraph review of Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph Buy Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph VICTORIA: A LIFE BY A N WILSON (656pp, Atlantic) An expansive biography of Britain’s greatest monarch reveals a passionate and humorous woman beneath the stiff exterior.

Read the Telegraph review of Victoria: a Life Buy Victoria: a Life JOAN OF ARC: A HISTORY BY HELEN CASTOR (328pp, Faber) A timely reappraisal of Joan of Arc.

A haunting story of POWs on the notorious Burma railway, which won the Man Booker prize Read our review of The Narrow Road to the Deep North Buy The Narrow Road to the Deep North here A GIRL IS A HALF-FORMED THING BY EIMEAR MCBRIDE (Galley Beggar) This experimental novel was the surprise winner of the Goldsmiths Prize and the Balieys Prize. Read The Telegraph's review of The Shock of the Fall.

Buy the book here THE SHOCK OF THE FALL BY NATHAN FILER (Harper Collins, 310pp) Winner of the overall Costa Prize, Nathan Filer's debut novel is an unsettling read but a perceptive and moving one.

Read the Telegraph's review of The Iceberg: A Memoir Buy The Iceberg: A Memoir by Marion Coutts IN PLAIN SIGHT: THE LIFE AND LIES OF JIMMY SAVILE BY DAN DAVIES (Quercus, 592pp) A chilling portrait of Jimmy Savile by a journalist who has spent much of his life obsessing over him.

Read the Telegraph Review of The Paying Guests Buy The Paying Guests THE BONE CLOCKS BY DAVID MITCHELL (Sceptre) David Mitchell’s consoling fantasies are both popular and critically acclaimed. Read the Telegraph review of The Bone Clocks Buy The Bone Clocks HOW TO BE BOTH BY ALI SMITH (Viking) An heir to Virginia Woolf, Ali Smith subtly but surely reinvents the novel. Buy Roth Unbound here LITTLE FAILURE BY GARY SHTEYNGART (Hamish Hamilton, 368pp) This self-portrait of a Soviet Jew transplanted aged seven from Leningrad to Eighties America is a masterpiece of comic deprecation. Buy Little Failure here LAWRENCE IN ARABIA BY SCOTT ANDERSON (Atlantic, 575pp) This study of the scramble for territory in the collapsing Ottoman Empire is a masterpiece of detachment and a work of tantalising fascination. Buy Lawrence in Arabia here ROY JENKINS: A WELL-ROUNDED LIFE BY JOHN CAMPBELL (Jonathan Cape, 729pp) A splendid tribute to one of the greatest British politicians and writers of the last century.

Read the Telegraph review of How to be Both Buy How to be Both J BY HOWARD JACOBSON (Jonathan Cape) Society lies broken in Howard Jacobson’s new satire, the most unsettling novel of the author’s career Read the Telegraph review of J Buy J THOSE WHO LEAVE AND THOSE WHO STAY BY ELENA FERRANTE (Europa, 416pp) Elena Ferrante’s real identity is unknown, but her novels reveal her genius Read the Telegraph review of Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay Buy Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay WITTGENSTEIN JR BY LARS IYER(192pp, Melville House) A clever satire on academic life that is also a love letter to the world of ideas Read the Telegraph review of Wittgenstein Jr Buy Wittgenstein Jr ROTH UNBOUND BY CLAUDIA ROTH PIERPONT (Cape, 368pp) Pierpont's book manages the difficult feat of remaining both warm-hearted and critically balanced. Read The Telegraph's review of Roy Jenkins: A Well-Rounded Life.

Read the Telegraph review of Joan of Arc Buy Joan of Arc TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH(784pp, Bloomsbury) Tennessee Williams’s melodramatic private life resembled the plots of his great plays Read the Telegraph review of Tennessee Williams Buy Tennessee Williams NAPOLEON THE GREAT BY ANDREW ROBERTS (Allen Lane) Andrew Roberts's Life of Napoleon is witty, humane and unapologetically admiring Read the Telegraph review of Napoleon the Great Buy Napoleon the Great My Life as a Foreign Country by Brian Turner (Jonathan Cape, 240pp) A soldier with the soul of a poet has written a remarkable Iraq memoir.

Read the Telegraph's review of My Life as a Foreign Country Buy My Life as a Foreign Country here THE TRIGGER BY TIM BUTCHER (Chatto & Windus, 326pp) A revealing portrait of the young assassin who sparked the First World War. Buy The Trigger here THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE BY DAVID FINKEL (Scribe, 272pp) A harrowing study of the physical and psychological cost of war on soldiers.

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